Different Types Of Personal Injuries

A personal injury can cause a lot of harm and can leave you disabled, severely injured, or without work. It does not matter the type of personal injury; you may qualify for compensation. In fact with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, you can get the award you need to heal. The following are some of the various personal injury cases, which you are likely to qualify for compensation.

Forms of personal injuries

Car accidents

car crashThey make up the large percentage of personal injury cases that are currently filed. When car accidents occur, it is because a driver has failed to obey traffic laws or is being distracted when driving. Thus, there is a need to hold them accountable or the suffering that is inflicted in the accident. Even if the injury is psychological or physical, you can get monetary compensation.

Medical malpractice

You should note that doctors are trusted to diagnose, examine, and even treat patients on a daily basis. When a health care provider or physician fails to offer competent care, this may cause death or serious injury. Although the cases can be quite complex to prove, it is worth to pursue them. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, you should seek the services of a professional personal injury attorney.

Work-related injuries

It is possible to be injured at work. In such case, you are required to fill a lot of paperwork that is offered by the employer. If your injury is very severe, your employer may have a corporate attorney who will assist you. To be treated fairly, you need to consider hiring your lawyer.

Libel and slander

Although not a physical injury, defamation can cause a lot of harm to your character. This form of injury refers to damaging of another person’s reputation through the spread of untrue statements. The degree of defamation will vary depending on the plaintiff. In this case, you need to prove that you lost financially as a result of the spread of slanderous material.

Dog bite

Pet owners are required by law to monitor their pets. In case a dog bites you, owners are held financially liable for medical bills. However, in some instances, the bites can be quite ugly.Dog bite

Assault and battery

They are intentional torts that imply a given party acted with intent and malice towards another. Usually, the case is considered to be a criminal one. However, you can still pursue a civil case so that you are compensated for the emotional distress and physical injuries.