Digital marketing for financial advisors

Social media is becoming popular daily, and the fact more users join social media over the world daily. But the sad thing is financial advisors has been so slow when it comes to adapting to social media. Financial advisors are obliged to use these powerful tool called digital marketing to get more clients and use the same tool to keep the existing customers engaged. This article will be looking at digital marketing for financial advisors that they can use to get the best when it comes to social media. The tips include;


Start with LinkedIn

fb pageLinkedIn has so many attributes to why they are the best to start with for financial advisors to get the best when it comes to digital marketing. Firstly, what the advisor should do is go to the LinkedIn create a quality profile, a headline that is compelling and put as many information as possible about what you offer. Create a connection by sharing with friends and family members. The next thing financial advisor should do is wait for the website to build a relationship with new clients, thus creating traffic to your page.

Be purposeful

One thing financial advisors can do be purposeful and not treat social as an afterthought the way so many people are doing nowadays. Being purposeful means that the financial advisors should engage their clients more on social media and have the means to explain to them what success is. The website should be well defined in a way that the customer will get all the information he/she needs about the company on the website. That’s the only way that digital marketing will be successful for financial advisors. The financial advisor should be able to measure the success of each post and the impact in made on the business.

Don’t spread too thin

gadget There are so many social media networks out there, and some are used just for entertaining. The financial advisor should be able to differentiate the two the once that are made for entertaining and the once that are the best for digital marketing like the LinkedIn. An advisor should have time planned out on when they will be spending on the page, the best way to go about this is to have one account that you will totally focus on rather than having three accounts and they are not well managed. Something like LinkedIn all it needs is an update daily and face like five and more times a week so just select something that will work best for you.